NEW YORK, N.Y. – March 3, 2008 – Studio One Networks has released its newest online program schedule. The company, based in New York City, is the leading creator and distributor of original content for major advertisers on the Internet. The 15 new projects are targeted to specific consumer groups with established user interest in the programs’ subjects.

Studio One Networks’ present schedule includes 19 syndicated programs with a growing content bank of more than 8,000 owned features, a number of which are entering their tenth season online. (Several SON programs have garnered industry-specific awards in 2007, ranging from editorial content to marketing and advertising recognitions). Studio One Networks’ distribution and consumer research analysts construct the original programming based on user experience, content compatibility and audience demographics.

Nationally known authorities in their fields create and oversee these programs. Taking the initiative in today’s broadband media landscape, Studio One Networks’ 2008 roster also includes a new emerging media division that will monitor and exploit innovations and ways to optimize custom programming in accordance to new online trends.

“Industry research has shown that overwhelming numbers of Internet users visit for information,” said Andrew Susman, CEO of Studio One Networks. “The quality of the content in programs is reflected in the user engagement, both in time spent and number of visits. Studio One strongly believes that extending its schedule at this time with new and unique programs offers timely opportunities for companies seeking to reach specific consumer groups.”

The 2008 Studio One Networks development projects by industry category are as follows:

Family: “Family Time” – online information for families (65% of U.S. families)

Automotive: “World o’ Wheels” – content for male drivers 18-25 (33 million U.S.)

Business: “The Corporate Buzz” – news and trends for C-level corporate executives

Food: “Planet Recipe” – food articles and recipes from experts and readers, women 18-65+

Health/Wellness: “Live Right Live Well” – health and nutrition advice for men/women 22-50

Style/Fashion: “InLook” – fashion trend articles for women 18-35

Entertainment: “InReview” – what’s happening in CDs, movies, books and more

Sports: “Sporting Family” – best ways for families to stay active

Personal Finance: “Your Savings” – tips and simple strategies for acquiring wealth

Small Business: “Small Business Now” – content focuses on new entrepreneurs

House & Home: “Home, Simple Home” – tips for first-time home owners (16 million per year)

Astrology: “It’s in the Stars” – horoscope content for upscale women, 18-60

Gardening: “The Joy of Gardening” – articles for male and female gardeners (70 million)

Video Games/Computing: “World-Class Gamers” – gaming content for males 14-25

Travel: “Ideal Places, Ideal Prices” – trips and tips for budget travel aficionados

About Studio One Networks

Established in 1998, Studio One Networks is The Leader in Convergence Syndication™ for mega-brands and major media partners. Studio One’s diversified stable of programs and exclusive sponsors include Procter & Gamble (kidcomplishment), Symantec (CIO Strategy Cente), and Bridgestone USA (Driving Today). Every day we reach over 112,000,000 people globally, through 500 distribution partners in 14 languages.