Content is key. Content is the reason for your website’s being. It’s the main reason why people acknowledge your online presence and become your audience.

But no matter how great your content can be or how award-winning it was created, it will not promote and market itself.

And without marketing…. no one will know that your content exists.

But with over 27 million pieces of content shared and 2 million blog posts daily, how will people ever see your content? How will you manage to reach out to targeted audience?

The answer: Content Marketing.

It’s what 63% of U.S. B2B digital marketers rely on to promote their products or services and generate leads. Content marketing was a big thing in 2014 and will continue to be so and go on to become the most important marketing channel according to Smart Insight’s 2015 Digital Marketing Trends poll.

As much as 69% of major brands are increasing their content production and B2B digital marketers are creating more content and will be considerably increasing their content marketing budgets in 2015. These and other content marketing trends discussed in greater detail below are what await business owners and digital marketers in 2015 and help them prepare their businesses for what lies beyond.

  1. Personal and Micro-Targeted

Many industry experts predict that Content Marketing will become more targeted and a little more personal. Businesses will shy away from transactional marketing and move closer to a more personal, micro-targeted approach to connecting and engaging with targeted customers.

Websites will use the same site personalization techniques from eCommerce and businesses will create more blogs, microsites and social networking groups. Many businesses have already acknowledged the importance of blogs, particularly in how they can get as much as 13 times better ROI and will continue to create more blog content in 2015.

  1. Bring In the Pros

With industry focus concentrating greatly in high-quality and relevant content, many business owners are contemplating on getting professional writers and content creators to help them build up their content arsenal. Creating content themselves will move business owners and other key personnel away from their core operational and business tasks. Many successful businesses in content marketing have already formed their own content creation team headed by product managers whose main task is to produce awesome content that generate leads and converts customers.

  1. From Keywords to Conversations

The Hummingbird update that ushered in greater focus on semantic search is changing the way people look for and finding the right kind of information they need. The focus has shifted from the traditional keyword/keyword phrases used in traditional SEO campaigns to more semantic and personal queries that are based in conversational languages natural to the user.

Content creators should put this in mind and stop the traditional way of structuring their content (in many instances, doing so in an awkward and forced way) around a keyword and not on what targeted audiences will naturally use in search queries. On top of that, brand mentions will be given more importance by search engines and will be one of the more important attributes that will affect SERP results.

  1. Social. Media. Content.

Social media continues to go boom and will continue to play a significant role in successful content marketing campaigns in 2015. As much as 94% of digital marketers acknowledge its importance and is considered the 2nd best digital marketing channel and is the second top ranking factor that will influence search ranking results.

  1. Go Mobile!

How many people you know have their smartphones or tablets near them at all times? It’s probably a lot now that mobile penetration is already at a mind-blowing 93% and rising. Mobile internet already overtook desktop internet last year and this year it is expected that over a billion people will be mobile-only internet users in 2015.

Streamlining your content for mobile users will be an important strategy that content marketers could not afford to overlook in 2015, not only because of the sheer volume of mobile users, but also because of the prevailing rumor that mobile user experience will be one of the most important ranking factor considered by search algorithms.

2015 is here. Business owners and digital marketers who have not gained much traction in their marketing campaigns last year would do well by beefing up on their content marketing strategies – creating, optimizing and distributing content that matters.