NEW YORK, N.Y. – March 1, 2011 – Studio One Networks, creator and syndicator of Digital Innovation Gazette(DIG), an online magazine sponsored by Intel, with content aimed at serious game designers, has morphed from a niche destination to a popular information source for creative technology developers as well, since its debut last November.

The program is syndicated to over 40 partner sites while average visitor duration is climbing steadily each month (34% Jan over Dec) an indicator that engagement is increasing as the program matures.

Andrew Susman, CEO of Studio One Networks, said participation from this high-end audience has grown more than three hundred percent since its debut. “This is particularly gratifying and a great example of effective sponsor marketing of syndicated independent editorial,” Susman said.

“The Studio One creative team has done a splendid job writing and editing DIG,” Susman continued.

“We’re looking forward to continued results and reactions in the quarters to come, and we can’t wait to meet all of our fans at the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco later this month,” Susman said.

About Studio One Networks

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