NEW YORK, N.Y. – Aug. 31, 2010 – Home Sweet Solutions, an interactive resource for homeowners seeking the best DIY solutions for simple home improvements, has been launched. Whether readers are actively scouring the market for a new high-efficiency washing machine, finding out what size refrigerator is right for their family or just interested in remodeling, the program provides inspiration to transform a house into home sweet home for homeowners of all skill levels.


Unique elements for the program, and the vast home improvement marketplace, include tips for quick fixes and a reader contest. The quick fix element presents minor problems that home owners frequently face while offering simple solutions that require few tools and little time. Starting in September, the Your Sweet Home Contest invites users to submit photos of their homes for the chance to have their home improvement projects sponsored by Home Sweet Solutions. The main content areas and program elements are as follows:


Buy It: Shows readers their options when it comes to new tools and appliances involved in installations.

Upgrade It: Helps readers determine when it’s time to upgrade what they’ve purchased or built.

Build It: Features various installation projects (with step-by-step directions and a list of the tools required for each project) that appeal to people in different life stages.

Get Advice: Experts answers to user questions.

Tip of the Day: Quick tips offer readers easy solutions for making the most of their appliances, and other secrets to home maintenance.

Poll: Offers readers the opportunity to compare their home improvement habits and preferences to those of the community of home owners who visit the program.

Managing editor of Home Sweet Solutions is Diana Murphy, former editor in chief of Deluxe Kitchens & Baths, Country Living Gardener and Rebecca’s Garden magazines, among others. She also served on the editorial staff of several home/lifestyle magazines, including House Beautiful and Redbook. In addition, Murphy is a regular media consultant and lecturer on home- and garden-related topics and has written several books on the subjects, including Country Living Cooking for Country Weekends. Andrew Susman, CEO of Studio One Networks, said, “With new appliances, technology upgrades, and quick fix how-to’s, it can be confusing for a homeowner to figure it all out. We created this program to continue to inspire homeowners in all their projects and act as a trusted source to help them along the way.”


Home Sweet Solutions is now live on websites including,, and It can also be found in the Lifestyle channel on 140 WorldNow affiliate websites.


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